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FELCO Pruning Bypass Secateurs

FELCO Pruning Bypass Secateurs

With 70 years of experience since the company released its first pruning shears, FELCO now boasts one of the most innovative lines of secateurs and gardening tools in the world. Its Swiss-made garden hand tools and equipment are created using durable and high-quality materials with designs that are as ergonomic as possible. Select from affordable bypass secateur models for occasional weekend use or state-of-the-art pruning shears and snips for professional gardeners or those with repetitive stress injuries.

Ergonomic Design

FELCO pruning shears and snips are renowned for their ergonomic design, offering protection to your hand and wrist. Cushion-shock absorbers and non-slip coatings further enhance this with strong and sturdy handles made of forged aluminium. Enjoy greater ease of use and reduced strain on your hand, while maintaining a clean and precise cut.

Revolving Handle Secateurs

FELCOs revolving-handle secateurs are designed for reduced effort when using them for extended periods of time. They spread the muscular effort across all fingers, lowering the risk of tendonitis and inflammation. This makes them a great option for professional landscapers who use secateurs for extended periods or home gardeners experiencing issues with wrist or hand straining.

Economical Secateurs

Looking for affordable FELCO comfort grip pruning shears and snips ? Consider the Felco 160S, which offers many of the companys cutting-edge features but with a reduced price tag. They are ideal for weekend gardeners doing occasional trimming and pruning with a light and hardwearing handle made from high-resistance composite fibre and a hardened steel blade. They are available in both standard-sized models and secateurs for those with large hands.

Left-Handed Secateurs

Felco doesnt overlook the needs of left-handers with specially designed secateurs in a reversed design. They offer the same ergonomic qualities for reduced strain on your hand and the protection of your wrist with the handle shape ensuring the optimisation of the force exerted.