FOX Bicycle Forks


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FOX Bicycle Forks

FOX bicycle forks represent an easy way to upgrade the performance of your bicycle. Regardless of whether you have a FOX bicycle or another brand, these forks can improve your handling and deliver a smoother ride. There are many different forks to choose from and not all of them will fit your bike. Choosing the right fork involves considering the type of bicycle you have as well as your primary use.

Wheel Size and Fork Size

The size of the fork itself varies depending on the bike type and wheel size. FOX mountain bike forks are designed to be compatible with 26-inch, 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels which are the most common sizes for mountain biking. City bikes also vary in sizes, so you really need to look at the wheel you have and determine the size that you need. Chances are, you know your wheel size as it is a frequently asked question whenever you go to replace a tyre.

Head Tube Diameter

For a fork to fit your FOX bicycle frame, the second most important factor is the head tube diameter. The FOX tapered bicycle forks even have a larger tube diameter at the bottom, then on the top, differing in more than a quarter of an inch. Matching the axle standard and the tube diameter are a lot easier to do if you get the specifications of your FOX bicycle model.

Additional Features

The fork is one of the most complex bicycle parts, so pay close attention to its features. There's more to choosing between an aluminium and a carbon fibre fork as many of these FOX models have shock absorbers and adjustable parts that allow you to tune for climbing, descending or simply riding a flat trail.


Another factor to consider about your FOX bicycle fork is colour. Sticking to the original factory-made coat of paint is always a good idea as it's hard to replicate that level of quality outside the shop. The paint is not only there to match your bike's colour scheme, but to protect the fork from exposure to elements. The more you become specific about features on the fork, the harder it will become to find one matching your colour scheme.