Custom fashion made easy with Fabric Transfers

Fabric transfers offer up a great opportunity to individualise clothing in just a few simple, DIY steps that you can easily do from the comfort of your home. Ideal for fun fashion ideas and craft projects, there is a vast range of fabric transfers available right here on eBay in a variety of sizes, shapes and vibrant designs which appeal to both adults and children alike.

Cartoons, TV and movie characters

If your child is mad about dinos or has a real passion for Disney princesses, iron-on transfers are a quick-fix route to make them happy. Transfer options can be purchased in many cheery designs for children which portray their favourite creatures, cartoon characters or even fun superhero fabric transfers.

Customer instructions for use

The application of any fabric transfer can vary slightly according to the supplier's pack instructions and they can be easily and quickly applied to the cotton fabric by following a simple step-by-step process. These items are often bought as sheets, with a printing of your chosen design emblazoned upon them. Carefully applying heat to the sheet's backing with the firm press and rub of an iron will adhere a design to your chosen item, often with white fabric providing the best background.

Sports transfers

Iron on embroidered patch applique badges are also widely available on eBay. Generally smaller in size, these are available in many different designs including sporting teams and prestige motoring marques.

Letters, numbers and words

Using fabric transfers is also a great way to make a party group stand out from the crowd by personalising clothing with your own photo prints and text. A selection of letters, numbers and words are available for this purpose in a large range of colours and are perfect options for significant celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, buck's night and hen's parties.

Not only are there a huge array of fabric transfers on eBay, but there are also many other fabric decorating supplies to choose from including fabric dyes, paints and markers.