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Fabric Paint and Markers

Fabric paint and markers let you liven up any article of clothing or fabric in any way you want. They are perfect for expressing your creativity or simply creating personalised clothes without the expense and hassle of using a professional printer. Fabric markers and paint come in every colour you can imagine and are very easy to use. Just treat them the former like any other marker for drawing or writing, and use them directly on fabrics of all kinds. As for the latter, youll need brushes and a bit more technical skill.


Fabric paint and markers are a great solution for many situations: team t-shirts, customised tablecloths, or just decorating any type of fabric you want. Specially made with deep pigmented ink that sticks to the fabric permanently, they instantly change the look of any fabric. Washing the fabric multiple times wont even fade the colours due to the formulations meant to last.


Just like any other paint or marker, fabric paint and markers come in every colour you could imagine. Standards like blue fabric paint and markers are perfect for drawing, writing, or filling an entire piece of fabric with bright blue pigment. White fabric paint and markers are great on darker fabrics to make a bold statement. All colours are usually available in the form of a marker, including differing shades of a particular hue. This way, you can create beautiful pieces of art on a shirt, a pair of trousers, or any other fabric.


There are many positive features of fabric paint, especially in marker form. For one, markers are much cleaner as you dont need to worry about spilling fabric paint when using a brush. The paint is non-toxic, ensuring no one will get sick from exposure to the pigments, whether in paint or marker form. Moreover, fine tips allow for sharp details with a marker so you are able to create artworks with precision.

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