Add some razzle dazzle to your wardrobe with fabric painting and decorating supplies from eBay 

With eBay’s range of fabric painting and decorating supplies online every day, you don’t have to work in the hallowed halls of Louis Vuitton, Gucci or other world-famous clothing companies in order to bring your design dreams to life. With fabric paints, iron-on letters and shapes, studs and other materials and accessories at your fingertips, you’re free to grab the tools of the trade and get to work customising your look as you see fit.

Arts, crafts and customisable clothing for kids

Arts and crafts of all sorts provide massive benefits for children in their formative early years. While colouring books and drawing and painting tools have helped little ones have fun and learn for decades, making custom clothing with your kids can help build their confidence, expand their creative horizons and flex their artistic muscles. 

Rolling up your sleeves and making bespoke clothing with and for your children gives you and your sons and daughters a chance to create something of which they will be proud.

They can then wear that pride on their sleeve, showing off their own handiwork. 

Buying new fabric painting and decorating supplies can also be cost effective for those old enough to worry about the finances. Make your own Halloween costumes so you can be in full control of your fancy dress in October. And save money when it’s time to outfit the kids for sport by kitting out the team in jerseys that you make by hand.

Whether it’s creating fashionable clothing for your children or adding some new looks to your own wardrobe, eBay’s solid collection of clothing decoration tools and materials can help you produce top-notch tops and bottoms at home. Check it out today and get ready to design your next trendy masterpieces.