Fabric Party Banners, Bunting and Garlands

Your special event deserves the best decoration and you can create your unique stunning spectacle with pretty and vibrant fabric party banners, bunting and garlands.

From birthdays and weddings to Halloween and Christmas, party banners and bunting is available for a varied range of different themes. Whether your celebration has a theme, or you are just looking to add a touch of colour or sparkle, there are plenty of options to choose from, including eye-catching handmade and personalised dรฉcor. As fabric decorations stand the test of time, you can use them again for future events.

A versatile double-sided fabric bunting would add decorative flair to a variety of occasions, including birthdays, fetes, christenings, and weddings. Handmade by sewing two pieces of fabric together, double sided bunting offers high quality decoration and comes in a wide choice of patterns including red, white, and blue, pink floral mix, multi-gingham.

Or you could pick handmade bunting from Heirloom Fabric with a style for any event and theme, including lace bunting in ivory sewn into gold sheer ribbon for a wedding, blue and pink bunting for a baby shower and vintage style patterns for a retro theme.

Give extra meaning to a landmark party by choosing personalised bunting. You can spell out your own message with bunting made of hessian fabric or mark the birth of a baby by displaying their name with foam letters on fabric bunting, with added end flags which show a symbol of your choice such as a car, crown, or baby footprints.

Garlands and banners are an eye-catching alternative to bunting. A dinosaur garland made from fabric will add colour to any birthday party, celebrate the festive period with a vintage-style โ€˜Merry Christmas banner' in brown and red or choose to decorate a summer party with a pineapple or flamingo banner.