There are so many uses for fabric. It is great to have around for arts and crafts projects and essential to sew a blanket or for quilt making. You can even make your own customised clothing. Having extra fabric on hand is also perfect for patching up your existing clothes. There are many different types of fabric available, and each type has its own specific advantages.

100 Per Cent Cotton Fabric

With 100 per cent cotton fabric, you have a myriad of sewing projects that you can work on. It is very breathable and easy to care for. Cotton also takes colour well, which means it is available in a wide array of hues with various designs and patterns to choose from. Opt to get white cotton and dye it yourself to achieve custom colours. Cotton is a good choice for making clothing, and it is soft enough to make a comfortable, lightweight coverlet.

Felt Fabric

Felt fabric is ideal for arts and crafts. Most felt features bright and bold colours, and it has a unique, soft texture that makes it pleasant to touch. It is easy to cut into custom shapes; so many people use it for decorative embellishments when sewing. Felt is also good for making cuddly dolls or stuffed animals for children.

100 Per Cent Wool Fabric

Wool fabric is the perfect material for making quilts and blankets, because it is very warm. Wool is also sturdy, and it works well for embroidery. The material is ideal for making a quilt where each square is unique. If you want to make your own coat or jacket, use 100 per cent wool for the whole thing, or use the warm material as the coat's lining for some extra cosiness.

Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is soft and luxurious. The material is perfect for making blankets or for designing your own cosy robe. It comes in a variety of deep shades, and it takes dye well if you want to create customised colours. Like wool, velvet also makes good linings for jackets or cloaks because of its pleasant texture.