Face & Body Piercing Supplies

Body Piercing Supplies and Kits

When running your own tattoo and piercing business, you need to be well-equipped with the right tools for the job. A top-notch body piercing kit provides everything you need to get the job done right and done safely. Hollow steel needles of various gauges and lengths, piercing clamps and forceps, and sanitary gloves are essential tools for anyone in the business of body piercing.


Needles for piercing come in a wide variety of styles. Straight needles are good for regular piercing, while curved needles make it easy to piece in harder to manoeuvre areas. Differing gauges of needles allow for varying width of the piercing itself. clamps, forceps, and pliers are sometimes necessary to hold or prop flesh in certain ways to make difficult piercing jobs safer and easier.


Sanitation is always a priority for anyone considering a piercing, and it should be for the piercing artist as well. Ethylene oxide gas is commonly used to sanitise most body piercing needles before they are wrapped. Individually wrapped needles ensure that bacteria cannot get onto the needle before use. Sanitary disposal containers are also very useful for keeping a piercing shop clean and safe.

Tattoo Kits

Piercing artists may also consider working in the tattoo arena as well. Tattoo kits provide many necessary tools for a successful job. Tattoo machines with high quality power supplies are able to make it easy to complete complex tattoo projects without the need to recharge. A wide range of inks are available and provide artists with every shade needed for detailed tattoos. Tattoo machines and guns as well as grips are essential for tattooing, and a top-notch gun lets users apply just the right amount of ink at any time. Carrying cases also make it simple to transport your entire set of equipment when you need to do a job outside of your shop.