Face Primer

Create the perfect base with foundation primers

You can achieve a flawless complexion with the right foundation primer for your skin tone. Those prone to blemishes or large pores can get peace of mind when using a primer or foundation or combined product as it covers while giving you a fresh, even look that stays put in fluctuating temperatures. Suitable for all-year use and great for concealing wrinkles, foundation primer is a face makeup staple that gives you confidence whenever you apply it. Face Primers come in many varieties for all different skin types. On eBay, you'll find exactly the right match.

Liquid foundation primers

A liquid foundation primer is great for easy application without the need for brushes or sponges. You can blend it evenly across the skin, much like a moisturizer. If you want photo finish and colour corrected skin, the Smashbox liquid foundation primer delivers. It has a green tone to combat redness, vitamins A and E for moisturisation and the liquid formula is silky and lightweight for smooth fingertip application.

Cream foundation primers

When you're in need of something to cover dark circles under the eyes after a bad night's sleep, a cream foundation primer can hide a multitude of skin imperfections. Dragon Ranee offers a fabulous cream primer on a stick which is space saving and easy to apply. Choose from 8 natural tones which can be applied before or after makeup application. Kiss goodbye to fine lines and the appearance of dark circles and say hello to a fresh, silky complexion when you use a cream foundation primer.

Sun protection foundation primers

It's important to protect our skin from the sun all year round, even on colder days. A foundation primer with sun protection gives peace of mind and can easily be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. Mary Kay foundation gives medium protection with SPF 15, without the greasy feeling that sun lotion is prone to. It is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, which makes it perfect for sensitive or oily skin. The mineral content helps combat shine while defusing light keeping fine lines and wrinkles hidden.