Facility Maintenance & Safety

Follow the rules with facility maintenance and safety materials and supplies from eBay

The workday is a time for reflection. But we’re not talking about daydreaming or looking back fondly at memories of days gone by. We’re talking about reflective safety supplies for your office or workplace. Everybody from tradies at dangerous job sites and garage bases to nine-to-fivers who spend their days in offices around Australia need to feel safe when on the clock.

eBay can help you do exactly that with a collection of maintenance and safety equipment for all sorts of industries. With worksite hard helmets and safety tape, fire extinguishers and fire blankets, protective gloves and suits and more, you’ll be able to outfit your space with the supplies you need to tick all the OHSA safety boxes.

The flexibility of reflective tape

Reflective safety tape serves a variety of functions both at home and during professional hours. You should always keep a roll in your tool box if you’re a tradie, construction worker or otherwise travel between job sites throughout the week. Stick a piece of safety tape on uneven ground to keep people from tripping, put a piece on the back of your trucks to make them more visible in bad weather, or even put some on your safety vests, helmets and other protective gear.

Safety tape can also help bring attention to low-hanging ceilings or doorways in office building break rooms or with identifying darkly coloured tool storage boxes in the garage that can be hard to see at night.

Having the right industrial tools and machinery is vital when you’re trying to get the job done. But keeping yourself, your colleagues and others in the area safe is just as important. Get the facility maintenance and safety supplies you need today to keep your workspaces protected so you can concentrate on the work at hand.