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Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a physically demanding sport and one that requires extreme protection for the hands and wrists. Fairtex manufactures boxing gloves to meet the challenges that men and women face in this highly competitive sport. Check out some of the options available to inspire you for the next time you are in the market for boxing gloves or other boxing gear.

Angular Sparring Boxing Gloves

Fairtex manufactures an assortment of boxing gloves for men and women, and there are also Fairfex adult unisex boxing gloves available as well. The angular sparring gloves feature a design that conforms to the angle of the fist and adds three layers of a special foam system to maximise comfort. These features help to minimise the risk of injury to the hand and wrist. The locked-thumb formation and contoured hand compartment absorb shock while protecting the knuckle and thumb as well as eyes of the target.

Classic Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Do you love the classic look and feel of premium-quality brown leather? This Fairtex Muay Thai boxing glove encases the hand and wrist in a classic boxing glove style with an ergonomic fit. These Fairtex martial arts gloves utilise the special Fairtex triple-layer foam system in all the areas that matter most. The design and padding on the hand and wrist give the user exceptional shock absorption and protection.

Fairtex Breathable Bag Gloves

Boxers who are seeking a great glove for pad and bag work find that the Fairtex breathable bag gloves give them all the support and comfort they are looking for in this type of boxing gear. The wristband feature of this durable leather glove come with a wraparound hook-and-loop design that gives the glove a secure feel and fit, while the breathable mesh palm helps to keep hands cool and dry.


Are you looking to amp up your boxing gear? Fairtex also produces a wide range of punching bags, rings, cages, scales, timers and flooring accessories to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Fairtex also makes shoes and apparel for competition and performance needs, in addition to casual, yet stylish, clothing options.