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Fairy Collectables

Fairy collectables are popular types of fantasy and magic collectables. They are fun and whimsical, and great for adding a playful, decorative touch to your home. There are many different types of fairy collectables available, as well as accessories to enhance them.

Fairy Decorative Sculptures and Figurines

Fairy decorative sculptures and figurines are ideal for displaying on shelves or tabletops. Most are eye-catching and colourful pieces, but some feature muted, pastel tones for a more subtle look. Their makeup includes many different materials, but plastic and ceramic are the most popular. Find sculptures and figurines of fairies that are standing, sitting, or lying down. Some are highly detailed with realistic facial features, while others are more stylistic.

Fairy Wall Decorations

Fairy wall decorations are great for those who have limited shelf or table space. There are fairy posters, as well as fairy-themed sconces and plaques. Some are quite small and subtle, while others are large enough to take up entire walls. If you are looking for something functional as well as decorative, there are fairy-themed coat hooks and oven mitt holders.

Fairy Garden Decor

Specifically designed for the outdoors, fairy garden decor is as large as stone statues or as simple as lawn decorations with fairy themes. The majority of these items are weather resistant, and it is safe to leave them outside year round.

Fairy Collectable Accessories

The most common types of accessories for fairy collectables are stands and display cases. Stands ensure your fairy sculptures stay upright. For figures and statues, stands also help hold them in place so they don’t fall over and break. Display cases provide a greater level of protection. Most feature glass or plastic sides, which keep dirt and dust away from your collectables as well as protecting them from bumps or knocks that may result in damage.

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