Falcon Cars

The Ford Falcon is the ideal drive

When it comes to getting the right kind of car for Australia, the Ford Falcon has to be in the running for the title of king of the road. Its up there with the best. Its as tough as Australia, but as beautiful too. 3 million Ford Falcons have been sold in Oz since 1960, over seven generations of the car, each vehicle manufactured to be specifically designed for the needs of the Australian driver.

Room to grow

The Ford Falcon works well as a first car, but because of its spacious interior, there is plenty of room for that first car to become a family car. There are five seats, and as well as generous seating there is ample head and legroom. Add to that the spacious boot with its easy to load opening and youve got it all. The Falcon is the kind of car that road trips take place in. The kind of car that school runs happen in. The kind of vehicle that the adventurous take on their adventures. Ford has created a car that can stick with you, no matter what you do or where you go. When browsing the wide range of cars available on eBay, dont overlook the Falcon.

Beefy engines that work

The Ford Falcon offers you a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 4 litres. The AU offers a 5 litre V8 if you prefer your engines loud and proud, but there are additional options including a turbocharger and an LPG engine. Fuel range is good in either variety, although the petrol gives you more miles per gallon. Either way, the Falcons engine gives a smooth and quiet drive, despite the beefy build. For those who want to make the environment happier, the EcoBoost Falcon should be easy to pick up, and it should be in budget too on eBay. Diesel, petrol, LPG, manual, automatic, the Ford Falcon offers you all the choice you need. There are also plenty of spare parts available to keep your Falcon on the road.