Everyone Loves Playing Board Games With Friends & Family

Traditional board games are one of the oldest forms of fun and entertainment in history. From the original board game of Backgammon to the friendship-ruining board game Monopoly, board games have been a popular way to pass the time for generations.

Some are games of chance that depend on luck, some are tactical which require forward thinking and planning 5 moves ahead, and are all about teamwork. So, whether you’re keen to play games for two or organising a game night with family and friends, there are plenty of board game options for everyone.


Backgammon is the most ancient board game in history, and it’s still played today. Opponents in this 2-player strategy game take turns rolling the dice and moving their black or white pieces on the board. As each player must anticipate the other’s moves, success depends on a combination of skilful counter-moves and luck.


Ever since launching in the 50’s, Scrabble has been one of the most popular board games in the world for puzzle lovers and wordsmiths alike. And even though the Scrabble board itself hasn’t changed very much over the years, the playable words certainly have. There’s even an Official Players Dictionary full of old and new usable words from bitcoin to smiley.


Another very old strategy game, Chess is analogous to wartime which is why it’s often called the game of kings. Two players compete against each other, and the aim of the game is to take as many of the other’s pieces off the board until they’re in checkmate.

Guess Who? 

This is an absolute classic two-player board game. Created in the late 70’s, kids still love asking questions and flipping down faces before guessing each other’s character. It’s even been updated recently with a more diverse range of characters and more realistic art.

If you’re ready for the challenge of playing some family games, check out the massive range of new and old ones available on eBay today.