The farming and agriculture industries are essential parts of everyday Australian life that require hours of hard work. eBay has a wide range of farming and agriculture tools and accessories that can help make the job easier and more enjoyable. 

What is irrigation and why is it important to farming and agriculture? 

Irrigation is a system that helps provide water to plants on farms. Irrigation systems can be different from location to location. They are usually created with several facets in mind, including the size of the land area and the layout and type of plants needing water. Water can be at a premium in Australia, so it’s important to make sure it is spread evenly and at regular intervals so crops aren’t put in danger of perishing. One major tool of irrigation is the water tank. These huge receptacles can hold a thousand litres of water that can be used in dryer times. Hoses and pipes are spread around the land along lines of crops. This way, the water can be transferred from the tank and into the soil to keep the plants properly hydrated. eBay has products both large and small that can help ensure your irrigation system stays strong.

Get in touch with the past with great farming and agriculture media

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