Pandora Beads

Pandora beads come in many different shapes, colours and designs. They are designed to suit any Pandora bracelet and the range of Pandora charms. Most Pandora beads are made from sterling silver, and they may feature other decorative elements. The wide variety of beads available makes it easy for owners to customise their Pandora bracelet and express their personality. Purchasing Pandora jewellery charms individually is a great way to build your own bracelet, but you can also purchase complete Pandora charm bracelets with charms.


Pandora charms are made from a variety of materials, but the most common are silver and gold. These timeless options are durable and popular. Rose and murano glass are also used, which add a touch of colour and sparkle. These materials often incorporate stones, crystals, glass, diamonds and enamel to add visual interest. Pandora beads are hand finished, so every piece is unique. The wide range of materials and colours means there is something to suit everyone.

Easy to Attach

Pandora charms are easy to attach to any Pandora charm bracelet. Pandora bracelets operate on a threading system, whereby they are threaded onto the bracelet before being screwed into place. This makes it quick and easy to add new charms or swap them as necessary.


When purchasing Pandora charms, you should always check for authenticity. Pandora always stamp their pieces with the maker’s mark ‘ALE’. This will usually be shown in pictures. Some pieces might also feature markings that state the material the charm is made from, such as an S for silver or G for gold, followed by a purity rating.


Many of the Pandora charms and beads have symbolism. You can purchase letters or select from animals, florals, geometric shapes and others. There are Pandora charms to symbolise love, luck and friendship. This makes beads a popular gift item. Some beads come in an individual gift box which protects the beads and provides an elegant way to present the gift to the lucky recipient.