Fashion Dolls Playsets

Add a fashionista to your collection with a fashion doll

Dolls are a go to toy for children of all ages and are often sought after by collectors too. Fashion dolls allow you to indulge in your inner fashion designer, selecting dresses and matching them with hundreds of available accessories.

Of course, it's hard to go wrong with the queen of fashion dolls, Barbie. With hundreds of incarnations throughout the years, very few Barbie dolls are alike. The sheer number of available clothing sets is almost overwhelming. From Fashionista and Princess Barbie to Mermaid Barbie, there's just about anything you can think of to dress up and accessorise.

Ever increasing in popularity, Bratz dolls are more diverse than even Barbie, with different skin tones, hairstyles and, of course, clothes. These more modern dolls can adopt a variety of different poses to show off their garb in all its glory.

Ever popular, there are also Disney themed fashion dolls. All of your favourite characters from the decades worth of movies can be festooned with a number of different items of clothing.


The choice of material is almost as varied as the choice of brand, with wooden dolls, plastic dolls, cloth, vinyl and the more collectible porcelain dolls. Plastic fashion dolls are the most popular for their flexibility, durability and affordability. Most children's toys will be plastic.

Porcelain, being delicate, will be best suited as part of a collection, intended more for decorative use than to be played with. Whilst centuries ago a doll would usually be made from wood, these days wood tends to be reserved for miniatures for a traditional doll house or a set of decorative Russian dolls.

Whatever option you go for, you're guaranteed hours upon hours of fun dressing and accessorising your dolls, with an almost limitless choice of doll, clothing and other items. Whether you go for traditional and collectible dolls or modern dolls to be used as toys, there is a huge choice for you to discover on eBay.