Fashion Jewellery Sets

Jewellery pieces as part of a matching set often become favourites as they make accessorising a bit easier. Many earrings, necklaces and rings include a single stone or a combination of a main and secondary stone, such as amethyst, cubic zirconia or the ever-popular pearl. Furthermore, you can choose jewellery to harmonise with your attire and accessories. Select a coloured metal that goes with everything you wear regularly or a long-lasting material, such as wood, acrylic or enamel to complement specific clothing pieces.

Yellow Gold Plated Fashion Jewellery Sets

You may prefer the rich metal tones of a yellow gold plated fashion jewellery set that highlights your skin tone. A shimmering rhinestone or emerald set into a pretty metal pendant or ring is eye-catching. Many wearers choose gold-plated jewellery because the thin layer of gold overtop a base metal does not cause allergic reactions. Likewise, it costs less than gold-filled and solid gold pieces. You can wear gold-plated jewellery sets to parties, formal occasions or even just while shopping for groceries.

Silver Plated Fashion Jewellery Sets

Stunning silver plated fashion jewellery sets may include a floral choker with matching earrings or an elegant silver crystal pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet. These pieces plated with silver are more durable than costume jewellery and easy to clean with a silver jewellery cleaner. Moreover, they make excellent gifts for bridesmaids as keepsakes to commemorate a wedding and may come packaged in a velvet storage bag.

Stainless Steel Fashion Jewellery Sets

Another popular choice, stainless steel fashion jewellery sets clean up easily using a damp cloth dipped in soapy water. The hard-wearing metal resists tarnish and rust. Choose from a faceted diamond set into a heart shape or a coordinated set of stainless steel chains for the wrist and neck. Additionally, you can choose from natural and simulated stones, freshwater pearls or diamante specimens to add sparkle to your outfit.