Fashion Necklaces & Pendants

Fashion Necklaces & Pendants

Dress up your look with fashion necklaces and pendants from sellers on eBay. The selection includes basic chains, bold statement and bib necklaces in colours and designs that complement any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a vintage piece for a specific outfit or want a contemporary necklace for day or evening wear, you can find plenty of options in any price range. 

Chokers, Chains and Charms 

There is no limit to the trendy and classic looks you can create with fashion necklaces. Turn a basic t-shirt into a glamorous top for day or evening wear with a dramatic statement necklace featuring metallic hues and bold colours. Keep your loved ones close to your heart with a locket containing a favorite photo. Add an elegant touch to a V-neck blouse or dress by topping it with a classic gemstone or charm pendant, or go for a Boho look with a leather or plastic tattoo choker that wraps closely around your neck. 

Popular Brands 

Sellers on eBay have great finds from popular brands like Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Betsey Johnson. Browse the collection and discover new pieces to enhance your wardrobe. Enjoy the understated elegance of Anthropologie's charm chokers or gold plated pendant necklaces that seamlessly follow you from day to night. Add a splash of colour and texture to simple dresses and shirts with a starfish-shaped or leopard print charms and chains by Betsey Johnson. Pair a button-down blouse with a colourful statement necklace in vintage designs from J. Crew and discover a completely new look.