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Faux Fur Blankets

For years people have enjoyed the warmth and comfort of an animal fur blanket but, let's face it, in the modern home we want the luxury without the guilt. Faux fur blankets are a perfect way to enjoy a soft, cosy blanket with a clear conscience.

Faux fur designs

Black, white and grey fox fur, wolf fur, mink, zebra and leopard, are all cleverly copied in these soft and fluffy manmade fabric blankets and throws. If you want the fur feel without the animal design, faux fur blankets are also available in a range of alternative colours and patterns.

Add a touch of vintage charm to your bedroom with a zebra throw in black and white with a double-sided design for maximum comfort. Or, for something highly functional, an electric blanket adds yet another layer of comfort, warming you up much quicker. For your little ones, choose a blanket with their favourite Disney characters to complement their room.

Uses for a faux fur blanket

Faux fur blankets can be used on the bed as a blanket or bedspread, or to throw over a sofa or any item of furniture, giving it an instantly luxurious look and feel. You will find them available in all bedding sizes from single to king and queen or simply oversized to allow for complete versatility.

Weights vary from lightweight blankets making for convenient throws and portable items, whilst heavier faux fur throws make great bedspreads and guarantee a good night's sleep. Whatever you use them for, these blankets make your furniture look inviting, add texture to your décor and add a touch of fashionable luxury to your home.

Some blankets are available with matching faux fur cushion covers for a complete look. Consider giving a whole set as a perfect, luxurious and fashionable gift.