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Fax machines for your office

Fax machines have long been an essential piece of office equipment. In its heyday, the fax machine was a fast and effective method of communication. Today it is still a useful tool for offices, especially if you need paper copies of documents sent instantly to another machine.

Modern fax machines incorporate a range of other handy office equipment like printers with a range of all-in-one equipment. You'll find a selection of fax machines in new, used, and refurbished condition from top brands such as Brother, Panasonic, and Canon plus many others.

Key features

Traditional fax machines have a range of features and functionalities that enable quick and accurate data transmission. They generally store numerous pages so you can send information in batches rather than scanning documents one at a time.

The automatic feeder also provides a smooth and efficient way of inserting several sheets. This helps to reduce blockages and jamming. Sometimes you can purchase a fax machine with a telephone handset, as the equipment is directly linked to the phone line.

Versatile office equipment

If you're looking for an all-in-one printing, scanning and faxing option, there is a range of equipment that offers multiple features. Some models include copying and scanning functions plus the option to print from your computer. You'll also find machines that allow the user to make a phone call and process a fax at the same time. This is something that older machines were unable to do.

Fax machine consumables

Fax machines and all-in-one office equipment require regular maintenance and additional consumables for effective use. There is a wide selection of essentials such as ink rolls, waste collectors, and thermal fax paper for suitable printing. It is possible to buy many of these items in bulk on eBay, saving you both time and money.