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Feather Razor Blades

Many men love to shave the classic way, which means they need the right type of safety razor blade that offers them smooth results as well as protection for their skin. Choosing the ideal one may be a chore, but with Feather men's razor blades, even beginners can get excellent results. Keep in mind that besides the blade, part of getting a close shave without nicks involves properly preparing your skin by washing and warming the area, among other steps.

Hair Type

Not all men have the same kind of facial hair, so it's essential to find razor blades that work well for your particular type. Feather razor blades work well for men with thick facial hair. These sharp blades are suitable for experienced shavers, and they may be too aggressive for those with sensitive skin. Choose Feather double edge men's razor blades if you have dense or coarse facial hair.


Made in Japan, Feather razor blades are constructed from stainless steel and feature a platinum coating that makes them extra sharp and durable. The blades are suitable for all kinds of safety razors, including traditional double edge ones.


These razor blades provide you with good results when you use a rich, creamy lather on your face. You need to choose a shaving cream that offers a good amount of lubrication to get the best results with Feather razor blades. These ultra-sharp blades provide a very close shave, so you need to be extra careful when using them to avoid nicks.


Feather safety blades are usually available in packages of 10 blades, and many may be offered together in larger sets in multiples of 10. They are reusable, which means that you can get more than one shave with each of them. You'll probably want to replace the blades in your razor after three or four shaves to maintain that sharp and effective feeling when shaving.

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