Feeding Pillows & Covers


About nursing pillows or feeding pillows

It is often hard to admit, but nursing a baby can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience. To make the ordeal easier and more comfortable, you should use a nursing pillow.

What is a nursing pillow or feeding pillow?

A nursing pillow is designed to help cushion and cradle a baby during the process of nursing. They come in many different designs and configurations. Most sit under the baby’s body. However some also have additions that can be positioned under the infant’s head, mother’s arm and even behind the mother’s back.

What are the benefits of a nursing pillow or feeding pillow?

There are a number of benefits to nursing pillows.

  • Support for baby: A fussy baby is hard to feed. A nursing pillow offers your baby extra comfort and support to help them settle easier and feed better.
  • Support for mum: Feeding can be just as stressful and uncomfortable for mothers as it can be for babies. With features like wrist rests and back support, nursing pillows can help take the dread out of nursing.

Can you nurse without a nursing pillow or feeding pillow?

It can be difficult to nurse your baby without a nursing pillow. Your baby needs to be at a certain height and supported in all the right places to feed well. Otherwise, nursing is going to be a challenge. Whilst it is possible to nurse without a nursing pillow, it is much easier to nurse with one.

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