Feliway Diffuser

Did you know cats experience stress just like their human owners? You care for your cat by ensuring they have a safe place to play in an outdoor cat enclosure, and using a collar and tag to ensure they'll always be returned home if they happen to escape. Now there's a way to provide your best feline friend with a calming, stress busting environment, thanks to eBay's great range of Feliway diffuser for cats.

Cats are well behaved when they feel in control of their environment. Anything that disrupts their control is a frustration that can build up over time to stress. The most common way a cat controls its environment is through facial marking, i.e. when the cat rubs its face against furniture, trees, and your legs, leaving behind scent markings that the cat can smell, signalling a state of wellbeing. The most common causes of stress to our beloved pets are conflict with other cats, loud noises (such as very loud music, vacuuming, parties, and fireworks), visitors, travelling, going to the vet, going to the cattery, bringing a new cat into the home, and moving house. Many of these stressors disrupt or remove the scent markings, also known as the facial pheromones, leaving the cat feeling displaced.

The Feliway diffuser for cats works by releasing a synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone, creating a calming environment for your cat. Simply screw the vial into the diffuser unit, and plug it into your wall electrical outlet. Each vial lasts about four weeks and covers a 50 to 70m2 area. Avoid plugging your Feliway diffuser into an obstructed outlet, such as under shelves, or behind doors, curtains, or other furniture items. By reducing the stress in your cat, the Feliway diffuser may help reduce spraying, scratching, loss of appetite, and hiding behaviours in your cat. Give your kitty the most serene and calm environment with eBay's excellent range of Feliway diffusers.