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Fellowes Paper Shredders

Fellowes paper shredders are an excellent choice for all your shredding needs. Whether in a home office or your workplace, these paper shredders will aid in shredding not only paper but even credit cards, staples, paper clips, CDs and DVDs depending on the model. Keep the contents of your documents, including personal information and high security information, private by shredding them once they're no longer of use.

Fellowes Paper Shredder Types

The main differences between paper shredder types is the number of pages that can be fed through the shredder in one go and the size of the particles left behind. Fellowes offers light and heavy duty paper shredders. Cross-cut paper shredders cut paper into cross-cut particles, while micro cut paper shredders shred paper into smaller and differently-shaped particles. Strip-cut shredders cut paper into strips. Auto feed paper shredders are another option, allowing a large number of pages to be shred automatically or a smaller number to be shred manually.

Fellowes Paper Shredder Features

Paper shredders come in a variety of sizes, from smaller models suitable for a home office to larger models for use in a workplace. Generally, paper shredders are best positioned under a desk or near a bin. Most are a sleek black or black and silver plastic in an upright box-like design. Some models have a glass panel so that you can see into the shredder and determine if it needs to be emptied, while the entire base of other shredders is transparent, making it even easier to tell when to empty them. For enhanced safety, many models have a safety lock to disable the shredder. If a jam occurs in your paper shredder, the auto reverse will stop and reverse the paper. Another safety feature is SafeSense technology, which causes the paper shredder to stop if hands touch the paper opening, lowering the chance of an accident. Generally, paper shredders can be run for five minutes at a time before needing a cooldown. Many have a sleep mode, which detects inactivity and shuts down the paper shredder after a short time. Because workplaces can be busy and stressful environments, Fellowes paper shredders have SilentShred technology, which minimises disruptions and noise.

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