Master your next arts and crafts project with felt supplies from eBay. 

Feel like having yourself a crafternoon? eBay is home to an extensive range of art and craft supplies, including fun and versatile felt products. Grab your scissors, ready your glue gun and get ready to get crafty! 

What even is felt? 

Felt is a non-woven textile fabric. It is made by matting and compressing fibres together until they form a robust fabric. Felt can be comprised of natural fibres such as wool or animal fur, or from synthetic fibres like acrylic or rayon. Felt is the oldest known form of cloth and has been used in many societies to make rugs, tents, clothing and shoes. When it comes to crafting, you'll find that it is a versatile and easy to use material. 

What arts and crafts projects can you do with felt?

Felt is great for all sorts of creative and imaginative projects. Do you have a party coming up and need to stock up on party supplies and decorations? Why not use felt to make festive garlands and bunting? With such a huge range of felt colours and patterns, you can theme your decorations to any occasion. 

Perhaps you're looking for a sweet and meaningful baby shower gift? Felt can be used to make everything from eye-catching baby headbands, bows and crowns to charming puppets, soft toys and hanging mobiles. 

Does your decor need a refresh? Consider embroidering squares of felt to use as coasters, adding DIY felt decorations to your cushion covers or whipping up some felt baskets to keep your odds and ends organised. 

So now you've had a hit of felt inspo, it's time to make some magic. Grab some felt from eBay today.