Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Whether you want to keep your neighbours out or your kids and animals in, fences and fence panels are the perfect solution and come in a range of designs and sizes to fit any garden or yard.

Panels are simply individual units of fencing that offer easy installation and can be joined together to make a barrier as long, or as short, as you need. Most fence types are purchased in panels, from white plastic picket fencing for decorative borders, to galvanised metal mesh panels for heavy duty fencing and construction sites, making it easy to install these garden fencing supplies.

Choosing the right fence panels to suit your needs

Start by assessing the area you want to protect and what exactly you are protecting. A pool needs to be fenced but the idea is to protect children and pets from falling in, so white metal decorative fence panels will look attractive at the same time as serving a purpose, just dont forget to purchase gates.

If youre looking for a boundary at the edge of your property, consider height and aesthetics. Bamboo fence panels are natural looking and have a lacquered finish to resist Australian weather conditions. These are a good choice if you dont want your fence to stand out but still need a privacy screen.

However, if keeping people out is your priority, then heavy-duty security fence panels with spiked tops might be the best choice. Always check local restrictions and regulations on height before erecting a fence at your property boundary.

Basic composite fence panels

Basic composite fence panels can be painted or rendered, allowing you to personalise the look of your boundary fence if required. These basic fence panels are durable, are made from recycled PVC-u so theyre eco-friendly and have a noise reduction function, helping you to stop noise from entering and exiting your property.

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