Fence Post Bases, Supports & Spikes

Fences are used in many different commercial and domestic environments to provide a separate outdoor space, or to provide additional privacy to a property. Fences may also divide a specific outdoor area, such as a memorial garden. 

Fence post bases, supports and spikes provide additional support for fences enabling them to be more stable and able to deal with issues like strong winds, heavy rain and pedestrian contact. 

Types of fence post bases, supports and spikes

  • Fence post support - Every fence has panels which are connected by fence posts. Fence posts that are placed directly into the ground are unstable because wet conditions, and general weather conditions move the post around. A fence post support provides a strong base for the fence post, enabling it to keep the fence panels stable through various weather conditions. Supports are often made from plastic or metal
  • Post spikes - Post spikes are able to provide a base and support for fence posts. The spike is driven into the ground where the fence post will sit, and the fence post box that holds the fence post, which is supplied separately, is attached to the spike
  • Holder and spikes - Sometimes fence post supports and spikes are sold together as complete products
  • Fence anchor - An anchor for a fence looks like a fence post support only it is missing two sides so it doesn't provide a complete socket for the fence post to sit

Benefits of fence post bases, supports and spikes

  • The ease of application allows you to apply the products to the ground and add fences to your outdoor space
  • Post supports help fences become much more stable, which is safer for pedestrians walking near the fence
  • The supports are useful in many ways allowing for the fence to provide privacy, protection for plants against the weather, shade, and separation of specific areas.