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Make your life that much easier with a great range of post driver for sale right here on eBay. Whether you’re erecting industrial fencing, an electric fence, or compacting soil, you’re sure to find the post driver to suit your needs.

Also known as a post pounder, a post knocker, or a fence driver, the post driver is a tool that drives fence posts or other items into the land. A standard, manual post driver is a heavy steel pipe, closed at one end, with two handles welded onto the sides. The open end is placed over the fence post, then the tool is repeatedly lifted and dropped onto the post so that it is driven into the ground. A single person, manual post driver usually weighs around 9 kilograms. The diameter of the pipe depends on the model, and should be chosen to comfortably fit the size of fence post being used. A hard hat and hearing protection are recommended when using a post driver.

You’re not limited to a manual post driver, though. There are petrol models that provide all the power and effort for you. Powered by a motor, these post drivers are said to do less damage to the fence post due to less overall driving required. Most petrol models are still hand held. The downside to a petrol post driver is that it will require more maintenance and will be more expensive than a manual driver. Some models even come with attachments to change your post driver into a jack hammer, making your tool box even more useful over a wider range of applications. Other models are hydraulic and run directly from your tractor or from a control valve on the freestanding unit.

Whatever the model you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the right post driver for sale right here on eBay. Check them out, as well as other fencing accessories including fence posts and gates and electric fence chargers, today!