Compete Better With The Right Fencing Gear

You need the right protective gear. With eBay, you have plenty of variety for your fencing gear, with a range of sizes and styles available. First you need to understand what you’re looking for.

What do we know about fencing?

Fencing refers to three different combat sports – the foil, épée and sabre – and it was actually first introduced to the Olympic Games back in the early 1900s. It evolved into a sport in the 1800s and was based on ancient swordsmanship skills. This was modified over time and today, most competitive fencers choose to work with one of the weapons mentioned earlier.

What fencing equipment should you look for?

The fencing jacket is designed to protect the arms and torso of the wearer, and in some countries, you need to be aware of the national standard of protection required when purchasing, particularly if you’re planning on entering tournaments. Most jackets are made from cotton or synthetics and they will either have a back zip or front zip. They are also specifically made for right or left handed wearing – so check that your choice is correct.

Fencing gloves need to be the right size and fit well to enhance your performance, so make sure you check the sizing when you’re buying online. Get a Velcro cuff so you can connect the body cord under your sleeve to your weapon.

Fencing masks are one of the most important features of your fencing equipment and are also for protection. They need to have plenty of padding, and shouldn’t touch the top of your head or chin. They come in two models, with the FIE model being for high-level competitions and non-FIE for lower level fencers.

Other fencing training aids could include your plastron – or underarm protector – a half-jacket that you wear under your jacket; as well as a chest protector (required for women in particular) and of course, your weapon.

A fencing starter set usually includes a jacket, mask, gloves, underarm protector and your weapon of choice. The price varies, and with eBay you’ll find an abundance of options for an affordable rate – from all over the world.