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Guitar and amp kits from Fender remain to be some of the most versatile music products out there. Fender guitars are known for being very high end and made to last, and the same concept applies to Fender amp sets. Fender acoustic guitars can also be hooked up to a Fender amp if the acoustic guitar has a pickup and this provides the guitar or bass player with a huge range of options.

Solid State Fender Amplifier

A solid state Fender amp can be used with an acoustic guitar. This type of amplifier has the ability to provide a much higher and superior level of power. Solid state amps can provide you with a selection of reverb, bass, delay and chorus effects and they are often compared to a tube amp.

The majority of experienced players may lean towards a tube guitar amplifier and this is because of the cutting edge technology it has to offer. Both types of guitar amplifier are able to provide reverb effects.

Combo Amps

A combo guitar amplifier is equipped to deliver the power that you need over very long distances. If you plan to play in huge auditoriums then you may want to consider going for a stack amplifier. A high powered stack amplifier will need to be paired with a speaker in order to produce enough volume to fill the arena. A combo amplifier has various buttons and sound effects that can be used to customise the sound.

A Fender guitar amp comes with a volume button, a clean setting, distortion setting and a bass/mid/treble setting. Fender amps also have a gain setting in most cases and this allows the person who is playing the acoustic guitar or electric guitar to adjust their sound based on the music that they are playing and the audience that they are playing to.