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Get Smart and Stylish in Fendi Clothes for Men

Designer clothes can be a bit too fussy for the street - but that's not the case when it comes to Fendi clothes for men. This Italian brand makes T-shirts, jumpers, and tracksuits that will have you looking stylish and casual, and never overdressed. Check out the eBay listings for Fendi men's clothes, and find your own street style.

Finding out whether your Fendi men's clothes are the real deal

If you're spending your money on designer gear, you want to avoid Fendi replica clothes. To ensure that your Fendi tracksuit, T-shirt, or hoodie is for real, follow these steps:

  • Check the tags. A real Fendi garment has a tag that consists of several pages, usually with black covers holding white pages, while a fake Fendi T-shirt may have just a simple tag.
  • Have a look at the label. Real Fendi labels are stitched all the way around, securely fastening them to the garment. A fake Fendi T-shirt will often have its label only attached at the sides.
  • Don't forget the care label. Fendi care labels always feature the brand name, as well as washing information. The brand name is not usually present on a fake garment.
  • Look at the size. A fake Fendi jumper might be listed as S, M, or L, but real Fendi garments always use Italian number sizing only.
Fendi men's clothing sizes

Fendi clothes use Italian sizing, from 44 to 58. A 44 is an XS, and a 58 a 4XL. For reference, a standard man's M size is 48, and an L is 50. Pay attention, because Italian number sizing can be different from other European number systems.

How should you style your men's Fendi clothes?

Wearing designer gear can be tricky if you want to avoid looking like you're showing off. It's better to mix and match. Put on a casual high street T-shirt with a pair of Fendi shorts, for example, or dress down a Fendi T-shirt with jeans. Head to toe Fendi can be too much, so doing it this way will give you a fresh look.

How do Fendi men's T-shirts fit?

Fendi men's T-shirts normally have a fairly slim fit. They are not supposed to be skin-tight in any way, but on the other hand, they are not designed to be worn in a really baggy style. If you prefer oversized T-shirts, you can buy a couple of sizes up - but be aware that this can affect the fit around the shoulders.