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Fenix is a leading outdoor and sport ­lighting company, best known for their torches. Fenix products are recognised worldwide for their quality, being sold in over 100 countries and becoming a major player in commercial and military markets. Since 2004, Fenix has been committed to developing the best technology and creating innovative lighting solutions for consumers, an effort that has been recognised by more than twenty industry awards. With a focus on LED lighting tools, the brand notably develops mid to high-end torches, bike lights, camping lanterns and headlamps. 

Fenix torches are undoubtedly the company's champion, finding its place in security, law enforcement, outdoor activity organisations and more. Find the best selection of Fenix torches here on eBay including a diverse range of styles for all possible needs, in both battery-operated or rechargeable options. For high output and superior toughness, look no further than the TK series. For the best size-to-output ratio, where portability doesn't sacrifice intensity, the PD series has you covered. Outdoor professionals can't go wrong with the LD series: lightweight, compact, and masterfully designed, the Fenix LD torch has various output levels and flashing functions. They even have a diving light, the SD series, which illuminates the depths of the ocean floor with a simple shake of the torch. It is submersible up to 100m deep, and its 930 lumens can reach a 300m distance. 

Fenix is also well known for a variety of other lighting devices designed to make your life easier, hands-free. Fans of high-intensity outdoor sports can rely on Fenix's extremely durable headlamps. Using premium quality materials, they produce greater outputs of light and offer superior runtime. Waterproof and multifunctional, they're perfect for cycling, mountaineering, climbing and caving - even camping. And if you'd prefer an attachable light to one you wear, campers and cyclists can take advantage of Fenix's bike lights and camping lanterns, both of which are user-friendly, easily attachable and provide optimum brightness. 

For all your outdoor lighting needs, look no further than eBay's amazing and affordable range of Fenix products.