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Ferragamo shoes hold pride of place in wardrobes and shoe racks around the world. From stunning Ferragamo flats all the way up to striking Ferragamo high heels that elevate any look, this iconic footwear has become a global favourite. eBay is home to hundreds of pairs, as well as beautiful Ferragamo bags and other fine Italian items, that would look right at home as part of your look. 

Finding inspiration in Florence 

After spending time in the United States, Salvatore Ferragamo returned to Italy and set up shop in Florence. It was here in the Tuscan capital that he thought he'd find the environment he needed to establish himself as an expert craftsman of fine shoes. The city's artistic and cultural importance permeated the early years of the company, which still calls Florence home today. 

Starting at the bottom 

Perhaps best known for Ferragamo women's shoes Salvatore rose to prominence by producing some of the finest heels, flats and boots in Europe. The company has gone on to produce hundreds of styles that are now must-haves the world over, helping millions of wearers construct their look from the ground-up. 

Salvatore Ferragamo constructed one of the finest fashion houses in the world, channeling the artistic abilities and fine craftsmanship that permeate Florence and bringing these aspects to the rest of the world. Browse Ferragamo shoes, bags and more on eBay and inject some fine Italian feel into your look today.