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Fertilizer Spreader

Why Use a Fertilizer Spreader?

Gardens, lawns, and crops thrive when given the right nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and bacteria. However, its important that when you spread fertilizer, you protect yourself from the harmful effects of contact with these chemicals. Whether a hand-held spreader, a push spreader, or a tow behind spreader, this unique piece of farming agriculture equipmentwill not only help you nourish your garden and lawn quickly and easily, it will also help protect your health.

A fertilizer spreader is designed to create an even application of fertilizer, wetting agent, or seeds to your lawn. It allows for a precision application, giving the best results for your gardening. They are also particularly helpful when using weed killer, as you can control exactly where the herbicide falls. Dont forget that your newly fertilized yard will also require irrigation equipment .

What to look for when buying a fertilizer spreader

Most fertilizer spreaders are extremely easy to use, whether you are a home gardener, a hobby farmer, or a commercial farmer. Tow behind spreaders are suitable for all types of spreading applications and are particularly economical, with a simple attachment to your ride-on mower. Also take note of the type of tyres included on your spreader and the voltage of the motor, as these will have an effect on the quality of the machine.

Consider your area

Some spreaders indicate the maximum square footage that single load can cover. A larger capacity obviously allows you to spread more fertilizer before you need to refill. However, if youre only covering a small area, a more compact model will take up less storage room.

Broadcast versus drop spreader

A broadcast spreader works fast, dropping material over a large area quickly. This is great for larger areas, but care needs to be taken not to fertilize your neighbours yard! A drop spreader has greater accuracy at a slower rate, so they are a better choice for smaller yards. Also take note of the width of the hopper on a drop spreader, as a wider hopper will require fewer passes on a lawn.

The right fertilizer spreader can help you keep your lawn, garden and crops growing greatly. Check out the range available on eBay today!