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Feuling Motorcycle Camshafts

A camshaft uses lobes, known as cams, to push against your motorbike's valves and open them as your camshaft rotates, with springs located on the valves then returning them to a closed position. This can have a significant impact on your motorcycle engine's performance at different speeds, which is why it's important to fit your bike with high-quality motorcycle camshafts. Feuling motorcycle parts and accessories are made to the highest standards, making them a favourite for motorcyclists around the world.

Reaper Camshafts

Take advantage of increased MPG, easy starting and better throttle response with the Reaper series of camshafts from Feuling. Its Freeway Flyer is designed for those who want more top-end power without sacrificing low-end torque. It responds well to increased compression ratios, performance exhausts and high-flow air cleaners with a cam lobe layout designed for the smoothest cruise power band available.

594 Cams

This high-performance camshaft is ideal for an array of different engine sizes and boasts excellent horsepower gains in heavy motorbikes. If you have a lighter bike, it will also help you twist the throttle and get some serious horsepower. If you're looking for a great all-round camshaft with solid low-end performance, look for 574 cams from Feuling.

Camshaft Components

In addition to Feuling cams, the company also manufactures a range of camshaft bearings and sprockets to have your bike performing at its optimal level, as well as Feuling oil pumps. You can also find camshaft installation kits for chain drive, gear drive and conversion camshafts that will suit a whole range of different motorbike models.

Quick Change Installation Kits

Feuling Quick Change installation kits generally include a gasket kit, bearing retainer plate, outer camshaft and inner cam bearings, as well as camshaft and crankshaft bolts with hardened washers. Gasket kits include a cam cover, lifter blocks, exhaust, pushrod tube and cam plate O-rings, as well as fastener moly paste and a Loctite thread compound.

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