Fibre Optic Tree Christmas Trees

The complete guide to fibre-optic Christmas trees

What is a fibre-optic Christmas tree?

Make your home glow this Christmas with a fibre-optic Christmas tree!

A fibre-optic Christmas tree is an artificial fir tree with optical fibres built into its branches and needles. These optical fibres can light up in many colours and flash in different patterns. This eliminates the need to hang a separate string of Christmas lights on the tree. It’s a great time-saver for the festive season.

Fibre-optic versus standard Christmas trees

There are many advantages to owning a fibre-optic Christmas tree instead of a standard artificial or live fir tree. In Australia, fibre-optic Christmas trees have jumped in popularity due to their convenience and versatility. 

  • Cost-effective: Buying a fibre-optic Christmas tree can be cheaper than separately buying a tree and Christmas lights.
  • Minimal labour: Setting up a fibre-optic Christmas tree is generally easier than the alternatives. There are fewer pieces to assemble, and some don’t even need additional decoration.
  • Time-efficient: The built-in optical fibres of a fibre-optic Christmas tree eliminate the time-consuming need to untangle separate strings of lights. Likewise, it is quick to take down a fibre-optic Christmas tree because there are fewer pieces to dismantle. Additionally, some fibre-optic trees are pre-decorated. This means that decorations are attached to the tree before you even open the box!
  • Aesthetics: Unlike regular trees, fibre-optic Christmas trees can be lit up in many ways. Most optical fibres are capable of lighting up in every colour of the rainbow, so you can choose whichever colour best suits your decor.

How to decorate a fibre-optic Christmas tree

Decorating a fibre-optic Christmas tree is fun and easy! Fibre-optic Christmas trees are very versatile, so it is easy to integrate them into your Christmas decor. 

There are a few rules you should follow when decorating your fibre-optic Christmas tree:

  • Hang heavier ornaments toward the centre of the tree where the branches are strongest.
  • To avoid damage, be gentle with the optical fibres and keep the tree away from water.

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