Fibreglass Nails Silk Wraps

If you’re looking to reinforce your nail by adding an additional layer to protect it and ensure its strength, fibreglass and silk nail wraps are a great choice. These wraps have been around for several years in nail salons, for women to add to their nails to provide added strength or repair a broken nail. You can even add them into acrylic nails to provide extra length on a nail if needed. You can buy these wraps in a few different forms.

Types and Uses

The most easiest and quickest type of nail wrap is the self-stick wrap, which is a roll of silk or fibreglass tape that you can cut to any length you need. By removing the paper backing, you simply place the wrap onto the nail, wherever you need it, and you can continue with your regular manicure. Other options include your typical nail wraps that coincide with brush-on glue. These are just as easy to use, but require an extra step to ensure you have enough glue on the wrap. Another option is using a fibreglass gel. This requires a bit more experience and precision, as you have to use a brush to paint on the gel to create an additional layer of strength.

Manicure Tools and Kits

When looking to apply fibreglass or silk nail wraps, manicure kits are a great option to work with. These provide all the necessary supplies you need when doing your nails. The supplies in these manicure kits and tools include the nail wraps, glue, files and buffers, cuticle tools and trimmers. While they cost a bit more, it is easy to use as everything is in one package ready for you to use. It saves time so you don’t have to track down every tool you might need. There are other nail care supplies you may need when applying nail wraps that don’t come in kits. These are often only sold individually and are available in specialty beauty stores.