Get Prepared With Field and Ice Hockey Gear

Hockey might have a reputation as a rough sport, but it's also incredibly fun and provides great exercise for children and adults alike. If you or a loved one has decided to take up the sport, there are a few items of gear that you'll need to get hold of, and you can pick them all up right here.

Hockey stick to suit your height

A good hockey stick is essential for your kit. You'll usually find four different sizes available: youth, junior, intermediate, and senior. Youth is the shortest; senior the longest. Typically, you'll want to buy a stick that roughly corresponds to your height – if you're tall, get a senior, but if you're a shorter adults, an intermediate might suit you better. However, keep in mind that your league might have length specifications that you need to follow, so check their guidelines. Make sure you're picking a stick to suit the type of hockey being played; ice and field hockey sticks look and feel different.

Pucks or hockey balls

Whether you're playing ice, roller, or field hockey, you'll need something to hit around. Ice hockey requires pucks; field and roller hockey use hockey balls. If you're buying just for practice, you probably don't need to worry too much about quality right now, as long as you're using about the same size and weight that you'll be hitting during games.

Protect yourself with padded gear

The amount of protective gear you'll need to wear depends on the type of hockey you're playing and your position. In all types of hockey, the goalie tends to wear the most padding – as they most often find pucks or balls flying at them!

In field hockey, everyone tends to need at least shin guards, gloves, and mouthguards to protect against accidental blows. In roller and ice hockey, because the surface is harder, you'll typically need all of these as well as knee and elbow pads, shoulder pads, chest protector, and padded shorts. You can find all of this, and much more, on eBay so start shopping.