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Looking for an audio player that combines all of the functions you want? Look no further than a FiiO. Since FiiO's inception in 2007, the Chinese audio manufacturer has redefined mobile audio and has become a favourite among audiophiles. Whether you are looking for a state-of -the-art player, or a simple amplifier, FiiO has you covered. 

FiiO's M9 portable music player was designed to solve all of your audio needs. It produces a very high sound quality while allowing you to transmit Bluetooth even while you use it as a USB. It also has WiFi streaming capability included in its interface, and can last up to ten hours when charged, so no matter where you are, you never need to miss out on your music. 

Using only the highest grade components, FiiO amplifiers are the perfect complement to your new MP3 player. The microcontroller give precise audio, while ensuring lower power consumption, and the Panasonic film capacitors and volume control chip work together deliver a sound quality that is unparallelled. They also contain seven low-dropout regulators for each individual component, which enhances the purity of the sound. There's simply no better mobile audio player than a FiiO! 

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