Capture life's beautiful moments with film cameras

Film cameras have been used since the 1800's, meaning that there's a truly varied selection of models to choose from. A film based camera typically uses 35mm film which makes for a classic look when printed.

Despite the technological advancements in digital cameras, film cameras are still very popular, and for good reason too. There's no need to rely on electricity, they are inexpensive, easy to carry, and you get an actual physical photograph in your hand after they are printed.

Types of film cameras

There are many types of models, with point and shoot and SLR film cameras being amongst the most popular. Point and shoot cameras are easier to use whereas SLR models require the use of lenses.

If you already have some camera lenses, make sure you have a compatible mounting bracket.

You can also find instant film cameras for those of you who want a self-developing camera to instantly create and print pictures on the go. These cameras are fun to use and always draw a crowd whilst you wait to see how your prints have developed.

Common features

If you're a beginner you may want to purchase a film camera with a light meter built in to capture photos with the correct amount of light every time. Additionally, you may also want an autofocus feature to ensure you capture the perfect shot.

Alternatively, for those more advanced photographers, you may want a manual focus feature. This will give you complete control of the aperture and shutter speed to capture photos exactly how you want instead of relying on any auto features.

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