Explore the world in print with film photography essentials

Go back to when your passion for photography began with loads of new and second-hand film photography equipment and accessories for sale at eBay. Sure the digital age has done wonders for the photography industry, but there’s still something very special about classic photography on film. The many benefits and advantages of shooting on film include the permanency of a physical print, a higher dynamic range and more forgiving results. Moreover the process of taking, developing, viewing and displaying pictures from film can be one of life’s great creative pleasures.

Film cameras and film

Your newfound love for an old-time pursuit begins with the basics – a decent film camera and plenty of film. You’ll be excited to explore the great outdoors (and the great indoors) carrying your point and shoot camera, SLR camera, rangefinder camera, half frame camera, medium format camera, large format camera, instant camera, TLR camera, single-use camera, underwater camera, field camera or panoramic camera. There’s an album-load of options to choose from, so make sure you do a bit of film photography research before pressing the button on your final purchase. 

And don’t forget to pick up as much film as you think you will need for the next big event or adventure. Film is available in various speeds and exposures. Established film brands to look out for include Fujifilm, Kodak, Polaroid, ILFORD, Lomography, Agfa, Rollei, FOMA, ADOX, LOMO and more.

Film photography essentials and accessories

With your film camera loaded with film and ready to go, it’s time to turn your attention to everything you else might need or want to fulfil your favourite hobby. For a start, get your hands on quality darkroom and developing equipment like negative film developing chemical kits, film developing tanks and trays, enlarging meters and easels, negative preservers, and various other darkroom gear to help you bring images to life.

Remember, eBay has all the film photography equipment you need to develop everlasting memories.