For A Great Cup Of Coffee Choose A Filter Coffee Machine

Make your coffee exactly as you like it by altering the intensity, flavour, milk, cream, and sweetness with a filter coffee maker. While most other coffee machines are designed to make thick espressos at high pressure - a filter coffee machine depends purely on gravity to allow water to flow over coffee grinds and into your coffee mug. This brings out less acidity in the coffee flavour and results in bigger beverages with a less concentrated flavour. Yum! You’ll find plenty of filter coffee machine designs on eBay too, so start shopping today.

Things to look for

Auto switch off, insulated jugs, detachable water tank, showerhead, and programmable timer are some of the features to look for when purchasing a filter coffee maker. 

Filter coffee makers are great for making long blacks, or flat whites, so if you prefer to fill your cappuccino cups, you might want to look elsewhere. 

Filter coffee makers are easy to use and are generally more affordable than other fancy types. When deciding on the type of coffee machine for you, consider the following:

  • Convenience: filter machines are easy to use and will produce a delicious brew in just a few minutes.
  • Type of coffee: you can use any type of ground coffee with a filter machine, and because it’s not processed coffee, it’ll taste great every time.
  • Brew size: filter machines are available in a range of sizes and they’re a great option for larger households, or people who enjoy multiple cups of coffee in a short amount of time.
  • Value: filter machines are great value for money. They’re one of the most affordable types of coffee machine to buy outright, and you only have to stock up on filters and ground coffee over the years. It will generally work out cheaper than pods.

Easy cleaning and smart features

You want to make sure your filter coffee machine is easy to keep clean – dishwasher-safe is always a good option. You can even get brands that have Smart features – connect it to a phone app and you can track the health and safety of your machine. You’ll even receive maintenance alerts and troubleshooting advice.

Get your hands on the best filter coffee machine on eBay today and make every morning feel like a breeze. You can also get yourself a side table to rest your drink on, and so much more. Shop now.