Fine anklets for the fashionista

Say hello (again) to the anklet, the most unique piece of jewellery. Last seen on every nineties schoolgirl, these humble foot accessories are back in a big way and are everywhere from celebrities' ankles to the Dior catwalk. Quirkier and more subtle than a necklace or a bracelet, an anklet is the perfect gift for a friend, loved-one or even yourself.

Charms and gemstones

Update the look by keeping your anklets fine - delicate chainwork and precious metals will help you stand out for the right reasons. Simple gold and silver anklets will never go out of fashion. As with bracelets, you can add pendants and charms to chain anklets - there's everything from stars to initials, hearts to diamonds, dinosaurs to pineapples! Precious stones can make jewellery even more special, so consider pearls, rubies, and even diamonds. Anklets with a single bead or bead pattern add a flash of colour to the look, and there are anklets with fine bells to bring music to every step.

Precious metals

Silver is a classic choice, and suits most skin tones and fashion colours. You can choose between sterling silver and silver plated fine anklets. Sterling silver is of 92.5% purity and above. Sterling silver jewellery should have a hallmark or ‘stamp' of legitimacy to prove that it is true sterling silver. Silver plated jewellery is a different metal - usually copper - with a sterling silver coating on top.

There are different kinds of gold. White and yellow are the classic tones, while rose gold has come into fashion recently. 24 carat gold is considered the most pure, with 14c and 10c close behind. Plated gold needs to be treated with extra care as the plating can rub off, but the metal can be stronger than pure gold and harder to scratch.

To gift or to keep

When buying a gift for someone else, it's best to look at their existing jewellery to see if they usually wear gold or silver. Whether it's an anklet with a bead, a sterling silver fine anklet, or a gold chain anklet, consider a fine anklet as the most original piece of jewellery you can add to your collection.