Fine Brooches

Bringing back beautiful fine brooches

A brooch is a relatively old-fashioned and somewhat sentimental piece of jewellery that is quite often forgotten about in this day and age. However, with the huge variety of pieces that are available, it seems fitting that this lovely item is reborn into the fashion forefront once again.

One of the best things about buying a brooch is the fact that so many are vintage, making it highly likely that you can find a vintage piece that nobody else has, whether it be a pearl brooch from 50 years ago or one with a gorgeous sapphire.

Vintage brooches

As a piece of jewellery that isnt in as much demand as other varieties, the brooch pins can quite often have a lot of history behind them, but also come made from beautiful, precious materials such as yellow gold. For those who like a nice stone, you will find plenty of offerings, with some of the more popular choices being sapphires and pearls, which work well when it comes to adding a pop of colour and a design edge to your outfit.

Fine jewellery is something that is taken for granted a little in the modern-era, but the brooch is a piece that will quickly become a talking point as it is so rarely worn in the same capacity as it was in the past.

Modern brooch designs

Many modern and fashion brooch designs are just as beautiful as the vintage varieties, and you can search for pieces that include pendants for a sophisticated twist on the classic. Sterling silver is a lovely material that is used to craft a more contemporary brooch, or you can go for something funky that represents one of your hobbies or interests, such as a dog for the animal lovers out there or a ship for nautical loving fans.