Fine Jewellery Sets

Fine Jewellery Sets

Complete your look with a piece of fine jewellery within a set. Whether you prefer a pendant or earrings set, the right jewellery can create a lasting impression. Select the set which best fits your personal style based on the colour and type of stone as well as which pieces you like to wear the most.

Type of Metal for Jewellery

One of your first considerations for your set is the type of metal you want. If you have sensitive skin, you will want to choose a metal that wont affect your skin. You can select sterling silver, white or yellow gold for example. Alloy is another choice along with rhodium plated metal.

Main Stone in Jewellery Sets

You can select from a variety of stones for your jewellery sets. Diamonds are always popular, but they are just one choice. You can also select pearl jewellery sets, amethyst or sapphires to adorn your wrist or neck. ruby fashion jewellery sets are also a beautiful addition.

Pieces in Fine Jewellery Sets

These jewellery sets can be made up of various pieces. You might choose a set with earrings, fashion necklaces and pendants, bracelet or a ring. You will find two and three piece sets to give you a complete look. Within each category, you will find many variations. For instance, you may choose stud earrings, hoops or drop earrings. Necklaces have different lengths to suit  a range of outfits. You will want to consider how each piece coordinates with your outfit to create that unforgettable look.

Colour of Stones for Jewellery

Many times, the stones will have more than one colour option. For instance, you can find white diamonds, blue or amber topaz as well as other colours to match an outfit or your personal style. You will want to consider the colour of the metal surrounding the stone when selecting your jewellery.