9ct Gold Chain

9ct Gold Chains

The weight of the carat references the percentage of gold a jewellery piece contains. In terms of a 9ct gold chain, the piece contains approximately 37.5 percent of gold with the rest made up of alloyed metals, such as zinc, nickel or copper. This composition percentage makes the jewellery durable as the resulting metals surface is more resistant to scratches and dings. For that reason, youll have many options to choose from when considering a style, theme or preferred metal. Additionally, consider the selections of fine jewellery, such as rings, earrings and bracelets, to add to your collection.

Metal Types

Gold chains are available in several types of gold, such as yellow gold fine necklaces and pendants that are a rich colour based on their gold content. Equally appealing are chains that include pendants and charms. You may prefer rose gold pieces for soft, feminine hue, reminiscent of old world charm, or classic white gold pieces that exude traditional ambiance.


You can switch your style as simply as releasing a clasp. Rotate the contents of your jewellery wardrobe by wearing a choker necklace one day and on another occasion choose one with a locket that opens to portray a special person or a lock of hair. Equally popular are pendant necklaces that have an attached cross, precious gemstone or heart covered with faceted diamonds.


Themed jewellery lets others know what you like without anyone asking the first question. If you prefer digging in the dirt, you could choose a gold necklace that includes a daffodil or other flower design. On the other hand, half of a heart dangling from a necklace indicates a significant other is wearing the other half of a gold charm.

Fine Jewellery

Since fine jewellery is a good investment due to the gold content, review the selection of fine chain necklaces and pendants or fine rings that contain 9, 14, or 18 carats of gold. The attractive designs and addition of gemstones result in statement pieces youll be proud to wear.