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Fire Hose Reels

With hotter temperatures every summer, the need for proper fire preparation is essential for the safety of your loved ones. Part of any good fire safety plan includes equipping your home or workplace with appropriate safety equipment, ranging from an industrial fire extinguisher to a fire hose reel.

A fire hose reel is perfect for extinguishing large fires that are hard to control. All fire hose reels for sale should be designed to use pressurised water to douse a fire without you needing to be too close to the fire itself. Fire hose reels dispense a large volume of water to not only put out the flames, but also to prevent the fire from spreading any further. Ensure that any fire hose, whether an industrial hose or a residential one, discharges at 0.45L per second when attached to an inlet.

A fire hose reel is made up of the nozzle, the reel assembly, a cabinet and a central spool. A hose reel should easily collapse or coil for easy and safe storage. The fire hose nozzle has a specialised valve -- called a ball valve -- that will allow you to control the direction and volume of the water being used, and also the force of the water spray. Make sure the fire hose you choose has enough length to cover the area that you require. As fire hose reels are a regular fixture on a firefighting truck, you can be assured that this piece of equipment is an essential firefighting tool.

However, as with any water based fire extinguishing equipment, these reels are not for electrical or liquid fires. They are best used for fires that involve paper, plastic, rubber, wood, and other materials and textiles. Stay safe and be prepared, buy your fire hose reels, for sale right here on eBay.

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