Collect and Display Firefighting and Rescue Collectibles

Fire departments in the USA have been around for over 100 years, employing trained firefighters who help out when blazes get out of control. The long history and tradition of fire departments can be celebrated with all types of memorabilia. Learn about the various types of collectibles and what to look for while shopping on eBay.

Firefighter patch collectibles

One of the main fire department collectibles you will find while shopping for unique firefighting antiques and collectibles is a variety of patches. The small items are easy to collect and capture the history of firefighting, but there are numerous things to look for while shopping through listings. The first thing to look for is the location on the patch. Patches will list the city the fire department is located in. Some patches may also list the state, especially for city names that are common in a variety of states, like Springfield. The numbers can broken down in a variety of ways to indicate the department's location, the fire engine it belongs to, and the district the department is located in. Knowing all of these numbers will help you shop for specific firefighting antiques you are looking for.

How do you choose vintage fire station bells?

Fire department bells are a big part of the history of fire departments. They were used to indicate an emergency, and firefighters have relied on them for years. Purchase used firefighting antiques, like a bell, to showcase the legacy of these hard-working departments. As you search, check the condition of the bells. Affordable firefighter antiques like a working bell may keep all the parts intact. Non-working bells may be purchased for cheaper costs while still serving as a nice display piece in the home. Worn antique fire equipment may have wear or rust on it, showcasing its age. You can even save money on the purchase of a worn and used bell and restore the bell to its original look. Like patches, bells will often have the fire department name and location on them, along with the year they were manufactured in.

Unique features of fire department paper goods

As you browse through eBay for affordable firefighter collectibles and unique firefighter memorabilia, consider the purchase of fire department paper goods. From all the way back in the early 1900s and going up through the 2000s, fire departments relied on paper goods for invitations, flyers, and information. The hand-drawn items can be displayed in homes or at fire departments. Newspaper articles may also feature stories about firefighters. Look for newspapers with many of the original colours intact, and you can find discounts on more weathered or torn newspaper covers.