Protect your family

Fireplaces can give your home a classic appearance while also serving a functional purpose. They can be ever so valuable on a cold winter's day. Unlike the many electric and gas heaters in the home today, the heat from a fireplace provides a unique cosy feeling for your family to go along with a bit of rustic ambiance.

As effective as the fireplace can be to heat up the family home, it can also create a potential hazard. That's why fire safety is so important, especially if you have little kids around. You can find various fireplace accessories, including fire screens and fire guards, on eBay to safeguard your family.

The function of the fire guard

The fire guard sits in front of your fireplace and acts as a barricade between the fire and the rest of your home and your family. Even if your fireplace is already enclosed with a door, you may still benefit from a fire guard. That's becuase even fireplaces with such doors are still a risk. Kids and pets in particular have a tendency to be curious, and the dancing flame behind an enclosed door may be a mysterious attraction. Avoid the risk of burns on your child or pet by placing a fire screen in front of the fireplace.

eBay has a large selection of fire guards, giving you the opportunity to find one that works with your home decor. For extra protection, some fire guards also have a wall mounting feature. This reduces the possibility of the fire guard falling or moving around.

You can pick a simple steel fire screen that encloses your entire fireplace. Or you can go with a more exotic style. You might fancy a French style with wrought iron or a fire screen in a decorative antique design. There are many designs with enchanting spirals, arches and panels.

Browse eBay and find a fire guard for your home today!